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Welcome to the Nonduality Community on LiveJournal, which is maintained and moderated by iamom. Please post any questions you have about Nonduality or about this community into the community itself, or e-mail privately to iamom@livejournal.com.

You have obviously come here because you wish to share with others your understanding of nonduality (advaita, etc), and gain from that contact and sharing in the friendly context of a community. All are welcome to join, whether they are new to this and want to learn, or have depth of understanding and realization, and wish to pass it on. Let us grow together.

Lest I take up this page with what can only be an incomplete description of nonduality in thought and understanding of reality, let me direct you to these most excellent resources, where you can gain perspectives on nondualism from literally hundreds of teachers and fellow seekers:
http://www.nonduality.com/ or this

Ramana Maharshi

Let us understand that as westerners (most of us), we are immersed in a culture which has a profoundly entrenched dualistic paradigm, and the western traditions of thought offer only a scant few realizers who put forth a nondualistic understanding. This community is offered as a ground upon which we may attempt to translate received wisdom from both East and West, into terms and concepts that become our own personal wisdom, the goal being our collective enlightenment or realization.

The language by default here is English, and in the interest of clarity of communication, please share your ideas as clearly in this language as possible. Give translations into English of all non-English texts that you reprint here. You are responsible for the success of your communication, not your readers. If you read something in this community that you don't understand, please ask for clarification. It benefits all present to have the more obscure concepts elucidated.

You are also encouraged to draw your readers' attentions to other internet resources that are helpful and relevant to the study of nonduality. But do not promote commercial products and services here. The knowledge we are sharing here must be freely given, and should involve no investment on the part of the student.

There are other guidelines in the welcome statement, which you should read before posting here.

About the interest list below: if something important to you is not on the list, don't take it personally. We insist that you suggest additions and changes. By helping this community grow, we can all grow collectively.

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